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Chaos threatens to overwhelm the Sword Coast. The state of Amn is under siege to the south, the High Moor is being overrun in the north and the region around Baldur’s Gate is in turmoil. In an area known for its ample resources, a crippling shortage is slowly developing for the metal that is used throughout the Realms for everything from swords to forks – iron. What’s worse, trading caravans coming from all directions into Baldur’s Gate are under constant attack from bandits and cutthroats who loot not for gold and gems but for iron. The armed factions in Baldur’s Gate can scarcely keep themselves armed and the commoners are suffering all the more. Without iron they cannot mend their tools or purchase plows – and everyone knows that if they cannot farm or craft, they will starve come winter. FREE FULL VERSION PC GAME(S) Screen Shots FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES Trailer FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES PARTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Minimum system requirements

Pentium 4 2 GHz
512 MB RAM
graphic card 128 MB (GeForce 6600 or better)
Windows 98 SE/Me/2000 SP3/XP SP2

Recommended system requirements

Pentium 4 3 GHz
graphic card 256 MB (GeForce 8800 or better)
1.3 GB HDD
Windows 98 SE/Me/2000 SP3/XP SP2

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