BloodRayne FREE FULL VERSION PC GAME(S) Information

BloodRayne – DEViANCE Repacked (Full ISO/2003)
PC | 2003 | Publisher: Majesco Games | Developer: Terminal Reality | 1.01 GB

BloodRayne is a killing machine. The Brimstone Society calls upon this half vampire, half human agent to take on two missions in the years between the world wars. At the root of these missions is one man who searches for powerful occult artifacts that would bring Germany into a new age of domination. As BloodRayne, you must stop this mans elite Nazi army from releasing terrorizing creatures onto the world. With melee attacks, weapons, and bloodsucking abilities, your enemies wont stand a chance

BloodRayne is a third person action title starring a secret operative whose mission is to wipe out opposing threats to world security. As female agent BloodRayne, players will be able to tap into her natural talents for hunting down enemies by using her traits as both a human and vampire. Armed with two wrist mounted silver blades, Rayne can slice and dice would be assailants as well as throw projectiles or use various firearms.

BloodRaynes primary mission will take her to an underground temple in South America, where it is rumored an elite group is trying to unite three parts of an ancient talisman to control the world. As she fights to prevent this, BloodRayne will need to consume the blood of her victims to sustain her life and increase her power. To fight her, the supernatural enemies will plan ambushes or call for reinforcements if the odds are not in their favor.
As BloodRayne becomes more proficient at killing, her abilities will increase as well. Talents include speed, agility, vision, and the ability to slow time to attack multiple enemies at once. The amount of blood she drinks also makes her stronger, beginning with Bloodlust and culminating in Bloodrage. Cinematic cut scenes highlight certain actions for dramatic effect as well as further the story as the operative gets closer to her goal. FREE FULL VERSION PC GAME(S) Screen Shots FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES Trailer FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES PARTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS


Windows 98/2000/XP
733MHz Process128MB RAM
2GB Hard Disk Space
4X CD ROM Drive
64MB nVidia GeForce 2 or ATi Radeon Video Card
DirectX 8.1


Pentium 4 or AMD 2.53GHz Process512MB RAM
24X CD ROM Drive
2GB Hard Disk Space
64MB nVidia GeForce 3, GeForce 4 Ti or ATi Radeon 8500 Video Card
Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Card
DirectX 8.1

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