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Chaos Legion (2005/MULTI2/Repack)
Year: 2005 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Capcom Production Studio 6 | Publisher: Akella / Capcom | 803 Mb
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person

Order of St. Ovelii was one of the most powerful orders of the Middle World. His followers were able to control and subjugate the souls of creatures from other worlds. However, the Order wanted more power. Knights of the Order, which included Siegfried Varhayt, Victor Delacroix and Sale’s Riviera, was ordered to release the spirit of Atonement? Azrael, who coveted Order of command. Azrael was stronger than expected by the cardinals of the Holy Ovelii and paladins of the Order had to seal the Gates of Chaos. But Azrael managed to find a reliable Messiah in the Middle World …

A short time later in Lotarle, Holy Castle, a senior member of the Order of the Dark Symbols been attempted and was killed. The killer has stolen an ancient taboo Talmud, Apocrypha Izarka. Thief fled, but it identified a former knight of the Order? Victor Delacroix. They said he went to the Forbidden City, Izark, bringing destruction and leaving in its path hordes of monsters. Azrael planted his corn in the heart of Delacroix. Victor received a tremendous force, said that all the troubles of the Order? from slavery to the departed souls, which allows command Legions of Chaos – immigrants from the World of Darkness, a mighty pillar of the Order. But the clergy do not care about preaching an apostate? head of the Knights need to find Delacroix and return the sacred tome. Task entrusted Varhaytu ridge, once the best friend of Delacroix.

What happened then, many months ago, in the temple of the Order? What made the change to the Order of Delacroix and turn against his former friends? Why did he so hated his friend Siegfried? Victor accuses Varhayta in the death of Salem, whom he loved. But, perhaps, Delacroix himself stumbled and made a fatal mistake? But now his wayward soul desires only death throughout the Mid-World, and the problem is Siegfried? Delacroix stopped at all costs.

Extras. Information:

More than a dozen huge levels: Dufay – City of Twilight, a secret city Mardoa, dense forests of the Middle World, The Great Cave

Kuzskaya; Izark – Forbidden degrees; Lotarl – the cradle of the Order of the Dark Symbols
Dark Knight the finest drawn with the sword, but also has the unique ability to summon and subdue the mighty creatures – Legions of Chaos

Siegfried? a master of fencing, which owns a huge number of techniques and combinations of strokes

Each duel? this dance between life and death. To catch the enemy in time of attack? and your exact impact will be to him a few times painfully

The Seven Deadly Sins are called to serve one person. Only a pure soul will not succumb to temptation and be able to prevail over the demons of the Legion of Chaos

Each Legion will give new strength to our hero, the possibility of virtuosic somersault and rapid air strikes to the ability to regenerate

The Legion can bring down the enemy as their strength and their own out on the battlefield in order to help his master in battle Legions of developing together with the hero, and their development directly manage you. With each level more and more foreign players will be arriving at the service Varhayta. Soldiers of Chaos will acquire new skills and become more powerful

Two types of opponents? ogranicheskie and mechanical. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and each better handle one or the other Legion

Find all the parts of a divided and the Legion banner resurrect General Legions of Chaos? Thanatos, dark guardian angel of our knight

In several missions you are lucky enough to manage a charming shooter Arsiey Rinslet of the Order of Virgins Silver. Passing game for Siegfried, you can start it by playing Arsiyu FREE FULL VERSION PC GAME(S) Screen Shots FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES Trailer FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES PARTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP (tested on Win7 x64)
Pentium III 1 GHz
128 MB of RAM
Video Card 64 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX
Sound card compatible with DirectX
4x speed CD-ROM
1.2 GB HDD
DirectX 8.1

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