Dungeon Siege 2

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From birth, you’ve toiled in the fields, poor yet proud. But the evil krugs destroyed it all: your farm, your family, your friends. As something inside you dies, something else awakens – a warrior with a burning need for revenge. As you battle your way through a vast world of mountains, deserts, ice caverns, and dungeons, you’ll forge a fearsome party to fight the force of evil.

A new adventure begins in the world of Aranna. The expansion pack to Dungeon Siege unveils an all-new campaign that challenges you to explore and fight your way through nine spectacular areas–including an expansive new jungle region–as you unravel the rich history and mystery of your surroundings. Legends of Aranna introduces new spells, armor, and powerful treasures to combat fierce new creatures such as Clockwork Beasts and Doppelgangers.

- Under the direction of the player – a detachment of six characters, with a wide variety of skills.
- Ability to select satellite from the set of magical creatures, endowed with special abilities.
- Rich set of combat skills that make your brothers in arms can become invincible warriors.
- “Gifts” – the devastating fighting techniques, with which you can leave in a few seconds from the crowd of enemies only pitiful remnants.

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System: Windows XP Service Pack 1 or newer
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Video Card: ATI Radeon 7500 or better, Nvidia GeForce 5750 or better
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
Hard drive: 5.4 GB

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