Half Life 2 Deathmatch

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Half-Life 2: DeathMatch GCF OrangeBox V1.0.0.18 (2010/MULTI2)
Year: 2010 | Language: Eng, Rus | PC | Developer/Publisher: Valve Corporation | 1.34 Gb

alf-Life 2: Deathmatch – this is exactly what one would expect from the title. Multiplayer modes, demonstrating the power of the Source engine in the universe of Half-Life 2. In the best tradition of multiplayer maps, filled with weapons, ammunition and medical kits, but after the death of the player instantly revived and returned to battle.

As in the single version of Half-Life 2 using the gravity gun, you can draw objects and throwing them with great force. And considering that the gravity gun – the first weapon by default, and the cards are filled with boxes, batteries, exploding barrels and other debris – various objects fly everywhere continuous. The game perfectly demonstrates the beauty of physics.
Maps are large enough and offer a great selection of places to fight both indoors and outdoors in bright light and darkness. As in any dezmatche, game speed is very high.

Misc weapon Half-Life 2, for example: a submachine gun, shotgun, crossbow and a grenade launcher and look good enough. And the fact that the “bullets” gravity gun, which are different boxes, etc., are big enough and often turn a blind review brings balance to a miracle weapon. Yet there is nothing nicer than killing the enemy by his own toilet.

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– 2000 / XP
– DirectX ®
– Processor: Intel Pentium ® or Athlon 2.4 GHz
– Memory: 512 MB
– free space on your hard drive: 5 GB
– Video: video card, compatible DirectX ® 9
– sounds: sound card compatible with DirectX ®
– DVD-ROM: 4-speed DVD-ROM
– connection to the Internet

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