Lost Via Domus

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Lost this action adventure game, in a very explicit manner, referring to the broadcast since 2004, the hit crime series, Polish viewers known as “Lost.” During the game the player explores the tropical island of dealing with the subsequent discovery of secrets, and also interacts with the main characters of the story. They include Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire, Locke and Sayid. There were also people known as the Others. This group is represented among others by Ben, Tom and Juliet. The game’s story is based primarily on the first two seasons of the show, although there were also references to individual characters and events from the third season.
Action Via Domus, as is the case in the series, takes place on an unspecified island, located in the Pacific. The player takes control over the form of Elliott Maslow, one of the fictional survivors of Flight 815, traveling on the route between Sydney and Los Angeles. The main character of catastrophic loses his memory. The player becomes the discovery of further details from the past Elliott. This is done in two ways – by watching ukazujÄ…cych wizji to him and to participate in interactive flashbacks.

The manufacturer took care to preserve the well-known from the show the atmosphere of mystery. The player can count on surprising plot twists, and the presence of various threats, with particular emphasis on black smoke. The whole game is divided into seven main chapters, and the gameplay is linear in nature. In order to reach more locations should be addressed to the solution assigned by the game quests. They can relate to collect a specified object or find the path to a new location.

The player is primarily an exploration of different regions of the island. They are not only large parts of the jungle, but also the caves, or objects associated with the activities of the Dharma (including the various research stations, which first need to gain access). Apart from the test area must also solve a simple mini-games. They cover both use panels with fuses and the use of computers. Furthermore, the player participates in a simple chase scenes, eliminates appearing in the jungle enemies and traded with the survivors, obtaining the necessary items at a time.

The whole is played in a three-dimensional environment, but do not have the full freedom of action. There are sites on all sides surrounded by invisible walls, and the transitions between them are made in strictly designated for this purpose zones. The manufacturer put a great emphasis on ensuring adequate aesthetic experience. The reference is both rich in detail setting, and specifically designed as a model. For the game appearing on the show cast lent their images. In some cases, you can also hear the original voices.

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Pentium 4 3.5 GHz
256 MB graphics card (GeForce 6800 or better)
6 GB HDD, Windows XP SP2 / Vista

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