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Action adventure game with elements of stealth. The player takes on the character of amnesiac man who discovers that he has a number of supernatural abilities.

“Second Sight” is another proposition studio Free Radical Design, which became famous mainly due to be issued on a series of next-generation platform, “TimeSplitters” and the hit “Goldeneye 007″ for Nintendo 64 In contrast to these titles share the game described need not be observed throughout the first-person perspective, players can always switch the preview at the sight of TPP. Lovers of the series “TimeSplitters” attracted by the fact that the game uses a very similar model control the main character.

The player begins play in the closely guarded medical complex, which leads unspecified research on humans. Led figure shows signs of amnesia, does not remember anything because of the past. The main character discovers, however, that has been endowed with many supernatural powers. It is worth noting that because of polished player can also control character to move and use the newly acquired power.

As the play-controlled character acquires new skills and develop already held. An important role is played by the power indicator that tells how much energy to use the acquired character still has the ability. In case of exceeding the allowable value for the main character is disoriented for a few seconds which makes it vulnerable to attack opponents. List of available power includes treatment (the main character must then remain static), taking over the bodies of other people (so that you can, for example, appear to be available to unlock the door), psychokinetic attack (hit character is turned over and lost consciousness for a few seconds), telekinesis (the player can raise most of the objects and, for example, throw them at enemies), projection (displaying the image of his own character in order to confuse the enemy), psychokinetic pulse (immobilizes all opponents are in the area) and the enchantment of the form (the main character for the chosen people then becomes invisible) . After exhausting his powers is not a defenseless player, since he can use traditional weapons – pistols or machine guns and sniper. In many places the main character has to creep, the hero of the model the best position of the species can “stick” to walls, hiding inside a metal cabinet, distract the nearby guard or swing from side to side. The lonely enemies can also eliminate a single shot in the head, one can not forget at the same time burying their bodies. Periodically, the hero gets glimpses of events that took place in the past. Interestingly, these elements are fully interactive and allow you to get to know important events of the past.

Visuals play has been focused primarily on the spectacular appearance of the main character used by power. Led by the player character explores various military bases, laboratories, although some stages are played outdoors. One major advantage is also an interactive environment that can be freely smash. FREE FULL VERSION PC GAME(S) Screen Shots FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES Trailer FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES PARTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Minimum System Requirements

System: Pentium III or Athlon at 1GHz or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 1000 MB
Other: Windows XP/2000; Supported Graphics card; DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card

Recommended System Requirements

System: Pentium 4 at 2GHz or AthlonXP 2000+ or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive Space: 1000 MB
Other: Windows XP/2000; Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5xxx or Radeon 9xxx

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